a will

A will is a valid legal document you create that gives direction for the distribution of your assets when you die. A will also indicates who your executors will be (the person or people responsible for managing your estate), and if necessary, a will would appoint guardians to look after any children.

For a will to be valid, it must be made in writing by someone who is over 18 years old who is of sound mind and who is acting voluntarily.


What happens if there isn’t a will?

If you die without leaving a valid will, you are said to be intestate and your property will be divided according to the rules of intestacy. Usually only close relatives would receive any property under the intestacy rules.

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You do not need to use solicitors in London or anywhere else to validate your will, but it is often a good idea to use a solicitor.

Some solicitors specialise in all aspects of the law. So if, for example you know of divorce solicitors Enfield, check whether their services include will writing before spending time looking for another solicitor.

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Solicitors and private investigators

private investigatorMake sure you keep your will somewhere safe so that it can be found when you die. A filing cabinet for important documents is always worth having but not essential. Kitchen cupboards can be set aside for papers or even shelves in wardrobes.

A will should always be updated if your wishes change but even if they don’t solicitors sometimes have a difficult time trying to trace beneficiaries. Private investigators are useful in these circumstances and can usually trace ‘lost’ relatives.

Private investigators do not always have a presence on your local High Street but a search online for private investigators London will bring up details of companies local to you. Occasionally you might also see letterbox leaflets advertising private investigators.