Snakes and Ladders – the board game for SEO

The game played on the internet to increase your position in the search engines

With the variety of Google updates available, even if the quantity of your website traffic has increased just recently, you might see it drop tomorrow. It is much like the snakes and ladders board game.

Online web search engines like Google make a lot of cash from adverts on results pages. Google tries to find indicators of ideal websites for particular search needs and on-page factors like using keywords on websites as well as in the underlying coding are great places to start.


Google was vital to the principle of specific signals being incorporated in the algorithm for ranking. To start with, this was done with the use of incoming links to disclose the authority of websites and web pages. PageRank, called after one of the owners– Larry Page, is the structure for evaluating site authority. Google uses decimal points and updates PageRank constantly.

Before December 2013 Google gave updates for PageRank information but it does not do so anymore and Moz provides updates for Page Authority and Domain Authority which could be one of the best indications available of how great your site is.

Quality Score and Search Ranks

Another technique for assessing client signals is Quality Score. Factors such as bounce rate along with the quantity of time on a page provides Google with an indication of just how great a website is – a website that users do not remain on indicates reduced quality whereas websites that users stay on for longer indicate better quality and this creates higher rankings on online internet search engine results web pages.

There is not just a need to restore your SEO, yet additionally to keep on track of what is taking place in the forever transforming market of marketing and SEO, specifically concerning Google and also its formula updates.

If you or your SEO expert has actually uncovered a need to transform points in your SEO strategy, this does not indicate that you have actually got things wrong. You have realised that you should make changes and will need to understand exactly what has to be done.

If you carry out SEO properly, online search engines will push even more site traffic to your website than social networking or e-mail traffic could.

This might not have actually been the case when you set up your blog site. You need to earn that authority from Google, Bing and also other online search engines by steadily gaining incoming web links – link bait as well as by linking your blog website and social network websites. It takes a lot of time, effort and commitment.

Much like any type of method – whether it’s company related or SEO related, sometimes an evaluation of your current status could be needed. This will help to analyse exactly what needs to remain, in addition to just what isn’t really so great and can be removed.

There isn’t really a specific plan or timescale within which you ought to look at your SEO method. But the sooner you review it, the better.

  1. Keyword stuffing

If you typically use keyword stuffing you will certainly need more than a refresh of your SEO method, you will have to find out about exactly what’s changed in SEO over the last decade.

Civil litigation

About 10 years ago, a firm of solicitors might have put the keyword divorce and separation on their internet site many times in the content and also the meta tag but the significant online search engines do not consider the meta keyword phrase any longer. Matt Cutts from Google said that it was ok to place your keyword on your website a few times but any more than that makes it look like keyword stuffing which has a negative effect on ranking. So your expert solicitor in West London could use keywords like wills and inheritance tax, conveyancing, court representation, legal aid or even family solicitors in Barnet.


Packing your content, your metadata summaries along with titles with your target key phrases has not been helpful for a very long time and would most likely lead to your website being removed from online internet search engines. There isn’t anything concrete about keyword density– the quantity of times that a keyword appears on a website – yet deliberately filling keywords in your content, metadata summaries and titles will certainly produce reduced positions in the snakes and ladders game.

  1. Rating the amount of internet links over the quality of your web links

Web link quality is more important compared to the quantity of links that you have. Google does not adhere to its 100 web links optimum policy for every single web page and also has said that you could have lots of links, however if you deliberately utilize links to raise your search engine positions, you might want to stop that.

  1. Blogging if it is spam

Blog writing isn’t always a great idea although that does not imply you shouldn’t establish appealing, top quality content for blog internet sites online. Content is still crucial and by releasing material on blog sites, you can make your company and your website an authority on topics that are essential to your company.

Adding content to significant blog sites that are linked to your business in some way is great. A website designer might use the keyword planner and spend time on keyword researcher methods to develop the best internet site with a high domain authority and putting content on other relevant sites can help in the SEO strategy.

All businesses want to obtain positive testimonials from internet business promoters so a superb web developer who can establish your website to enhance your domain authority is worthwhile.

  1. Replicating content

lecturer - SEO-Search Inside by Matt Cutts Youtube 1900

Replicating content is usually essential and would subsequently not cause any sort of troubles with Google. Nevertheless, if you’re replicating content purely for SEO, particularly poor content – this is called ‘deceptive material’ by Google – you should put a link to the first source.

SEO needs to abide by the requirements that Google and other online search engines have actually set up.




  1. Adding keywords to metadata descriptions

Keywords used to be placed in metadata summaries and it may still be ok to do that, although keywords in meta summaries are not a ranking quality for SEO now.

This does not indicate you have to get rid of utilizing metadata summaries, neither does it imply you should not put keywords in them. Instead, you might increase the value of metadata summaries by creating them with users in mind to assist them in identifying why they have to click your link rather than another link.