Roof conversions

roof conversions


If you cannot afford a larger property, an appealing alternative is to have roof conversions or extend your existing home in a different way, to make complete usage of the current land.

The ability to have roof conversions is governed by planning regulations enforced by national and local government.

The beginning of the UK planning system can be traced back to problems during the half century before the Second World War over escalating pollution and urban spread. In 1947 the first Town and Country Planning Act was passed, which called for all proposals, with a couple of exclusions, to get permission from the local authority.

Whilst most people could see the need for a system to control excessive development, unfortunately it slowed down growth.

After consultation a brand-new Permitted Development Order came along in 2013. ‘Permitted development’ is development that is automatically allowed without needing an application to the planning authority, although there might be various other demands imposed that are prerequisites to the development happening.

Also, a change of use from office to home is permitted without the necessity for planning consent in certain circumstances. This right is limited for 3 years from the start of the new regulations and will not apply to areas for which various other commercial permissions already exist, such as industrial units.

If you are embarking on major work it is always a good idea to consult a lawyer. If you are living in North London for example, a family lawyer Hendon may be able to help you. An employment law solicitor Finchley would probably not specialise in property law and may not be the best choice of solicitor in that case.


When is the time right for roof conversions?

There can be any number of reasons why you would wish to extend your property and increase your living space.

roof conversions weddingsIf you are getting married you are probably caught up in the excitement of your big day and thinking of wedding entertainment ideas, bouquets of flowers and desert island beaches for your honeymoon.  However, when you return from your honeymoon you may be thinking of starting a family and the extra space in your property that will be needed.

If you already have a family as the children grow up they will inevitably need more space. Talk to any Bar Mitzvah teacher who works with 12 and 13 year olds all the time and they will tell you a teenager certainly needs their own space!

If you are considering roof conversions London has plenty of builders that specialise in this sort of work. Take a careful look at the website of any builder you are considering. If they have a high domain authority and appear near the top of a google search list this may suggest that they have taken the trouble to invest time and money working with a business marketing consultant to promote their business.

This may be a reliable company to choose but always ask for references from clients they have previously worked for.