London | The Cultural Hub


The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, London Bridge and so many other attractions make London one of the most visited cities in the world. Known for its diversity in arts, entertainment, fashion, history, economy and lifestyle, the city reigns over the United Kingdom as the capital of England.

Rich in history, the city of London was previously known as Londonium and the first settlement to have established in this region dates back to 43 AD. Ever since then, several tribes have wandered through here, settling down, raging wars, establishing ties and making new traditions. With the passage of time, the city has grown within itself and so has its population. Despite the unfortunate times it has went through such as the Plague and The Great Fire, it was the City of London from where the royal seat functioned and spread the boundaries of its empire all over the world conquering the South Asia, the Australian Continent, and America and so on.  London was the seat of Industrial Revolution as one, one of the most revolutionary periods in technology in the world. The architecture found in the city speaks of its medieval times through the patina of time it has achieved.

Today, London is called the world’s culture capital. It is home to the largest air facility in the world (Heathrow Airport), is the sixth largest GDP capital in the world and is the largest city of Europe. Covering an area of 601 square miles, London accommodates up to eight million people. It is one of the greenest centres in the world with large breathing and open spaces. The city takes on a breathtakingly picturesque atmosphere with the changing season. With the River Thames running through the heart of the city, you can walk through Kensington garden, Richmond Park, Holland Park and St. James Park enjoying the tree lined streets and the autumn smell in the air.

London serves as the Government seat of the United Kingdom with various departments and government related buildings situated within the city such as the British Parliament, the Prime Minister’s House and Whitehall.

London’s railway system known as The London Underground is very well known around the globe. Connecting different parts of the city, it is one of the oldest metro systems known to mankind. Moreover, London Heathrow Airport received the largest number of international passengers and flights per annum; equivalent to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

London has several ethnic groups residing within its limits; from White British to Asians, Africans, and mixed race. The religion most practiced is Christianity but others involve Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism.