Letterbox designs


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letterbox delivery – leaflets

Most people that require a letterbox want it to be secure, functional and visually appealing and there are a range of letterbox solutions or door fittings which can be designed to suit most types of properties.

Blocks of flats often have banks of letterboxes in secure places but secure post boxes can be designed to fit in walls, through walls, on gates and railings or they can be freestanding on decorative posts. All post boxes would have either a front or rear door with a lock.

Sandstone and hardwood can look great when used together, creating a natural and rustic effect. If a hardwood feature is built in the hardwood must be well seasoned or kiln dried so that it doesn’t shrink and crack the stonework soon after it is built.

Letterboxes are not just required for residential properties. All types of offices from solicitors in Barnet to private investigators London need letterboxes though offices are more likely not to have freestanding boxes.

As long as postmen and leaflet delivery companies can fit their letters through letterboxes they will be happy.

Parcels and packages


Occasionally parcels go astray and they can be difficult to trace. A tracing company would not normally be required to track down missing parcels but the Post Office or the courier company should be able to trace them.

If you have a business and are searching for a courier company to use, search online for courier service London and the first page of google will show courier companies with a high domain authority.

With the rise in internet shopping, most items these days can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. Larger fragile packages like cosmetics or Ray-Ban prescription glasses do not always fit through letterboxes but they can be left in a secure place or with neighbours.