Kitchen showrooms

The kitchen is usually the centre of your home. It must be useful and welcoming and is often an expression of your own character and personality. Kitchen showrooms cater for a vast variety of tastes from cabinets to worktops, flooring and tiles.

The traditional look         The contemporary look                   The casual look

kitchen traditional

kitchen modern kitchen casual

A traditional kitchen combines classic tastes that never date with today’s modern-day appliances. Antique-looking handles and cupboards with wood finishes are popular and easy to fit.

A contemporary kitchen area is very minimalist. It would be smooth and uncomplicated without embellishment or patterns with a futuristic feel to it. Bold colours may work well as a feature.

A casual kitchen is straightforward with a relaxing feel. It mixes aspects of classic and modern designs to develop a comfortable room that is inviting to all. The overall style is less fussy than traditional kitchens and you might find darker tones give the kitchen a more relaxed feel.


Do you have a conservatory leading on from your cooking area that is a no go area in summer because it is too hot?

In the past it has been very costly to adapt a conservatory to make it comfortable all year round but now you can get insulated roof panels that will keep it cool in summer and warmer in winter. The roof panels lower glare so there should be no need to wear your Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses indoors and the panels should also lead to lower energy bills.

Once your new kitchen is installed keep it looking its best by keeping it clean and tidy with the help of a cleaner if required. If you are looking for cleaners look online for residential or office cleaners London and there will be many to choose from.

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