Examples of the About Us Page on a Website

Website content – it always starts with an “About Us” page.

For an outstanding ‘About Us’ page, you might consider your distinct differences from everybody else and share this. The “About Us” page is maybe one of the most critical pages on your internet site. Unfortunately it is often among one of the most neglected pages, which is why you have to give special differences that make your company stand out.

You may like to think about an About Us web page as a way of developing trust with potential new customers.

Think about the following:

– Education directed to certifications that are relevant to your experience in your present sort of job.

– Your attention to detail and passion for your work.

The focus should be about how your education, expertise as well as understanding will give assistance to your consumers. It takes a very long time to develop a great About Us page. The emphasis ought to absolutely be on the advantages to your clients instead of self appreciation.

Instances of incredible About Us pages:

  1. At Apptopia, every day people come to do their job of fixing the most significant issues in mobile. Today we provide various sensible mobile app information & understandings into the industry. We want to make this data available to as many individuals as possible (not just the top 5%). (https://apptopia.com/about).

2. Moz first started in 2004, and we have actually been on a tremendous journey ever since. From when we started as an SEO business to introducing the first Pro app in 2007, we have in truth tried to hold on to our major values – TAGFEE – and also provide an exceptional experience for our clients. We owe a huge thank you to our audiences for staying with us on this superb journey, and we really hope that you’ll continue to be a part of it. (https://moz.com/about).

3. FortyOneTwenty have really improved the bench in reality television with a proficiency as well as dependence that is unique to who they are. They incorporate creativity, growth in addition to technical accuracy that makes them a definite to work with. Who they are as experts will certainly attract you to them however who they are as people will most definitely ensure that you go back for more! (http://www.fortyonetwenty.com/about-us/).

4. Lawyers – Law practice – Lawyers


Dorsey’s solicitors and staff may help you to achieve an edge over your competitors making use of expert legal advice with useful know-how as well as a comprehensive understanding of your firm and also the market.

We help clients in mainly all markets nonetheless we concentrate on 6 markets that we have in depth understanding of as well as a history of achieving success for our clients. Our financial, power, food as well as farming, healthcare, mining as well as natural resources along with public-private partnerships help to work with the teams that serve these markets through various locations and methods, guaranteeing that they are on top of market demands and patterns in addition to sharing collective experiences as well as skills.

With offices in the USA and in Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific area, we supply a mixed positive strategy for our customers’ legal and service requirements around the globe. (https://www.dorsey.com/about).

  1. Food

Marie Catrib’s is an eating establishment, so you may think that their “About Us” web page would absolutely be your typical “this is specifically how we started, this is just what our firm counts on, and also this is our food” tale. Marie Catrib’s “About Us” page does offer that – nevertheless it does this in an extremely non-traditional way. Rapidly, the customer’s eyes are drawn to a header that states, “It’s excellent making a mess, experiments might produce fantastic things”. This is rather strange for a dining establishment that you could eat in.

It’s challenging to think that at one time Marie was asked to vacate the kitchen. “They truly did not want me in there – I was so untidy”, she laughs. After the washing up was completed, Marie would creep past her mum and granny to do her cooking experiments. When her blind granny went back to the kitchen area to begin the next dish’s preparation, she really felt the trail that Marie had left. “What happened right here?” That very early experimentation led Marie to see that with a spin of Lebanese, a hit of Yooper in addition to a yen for one-of-a-kind breads, she could easily bring her love to Grand Rapids. (http://www.mariecatribs.com/about/).

  1. Medical professionals – Insurance company

About The Doctors Company

Our purpose – to safeguard, secure as well as reward the practice of outstanding medicine – has an impact on everything that we do.

As the country’s biggest physician-owned medical neglect insurance coverage firm, we are progressively committed to the continual safety and security and also shielding for our individuals from the market’s hardest problems with unequalled protection, in addition to innovative motivations.

We lead the marketplace thanks to the leaders in our board room. More than half of our Board of Governors are medical professionals or consultants, making sure that our participants’ benefits are safe and looked after.

Our financial durability supplies us the power to protect and guard our people presently as well as in to the future. The Doctors Company has more than $4 billion in assets and $1.8 billion in member excess – the highest of any sort of nationwide physician-owned medical obligation service provider – and we are rated A by A.M. Best Company and by Fitch Rankings.

Through our subsidiaries, we offer a big choice of additional insurance policies as well as services. TDC Specialized Underwriters, Inc. supplies non-admitted insurance plans in addition to remedies for specialist treatment centres, physician teams, non-standard physicians, handled care business, life sciences businesses together with specialist evaluations groups. Furthermore, The Doctors Company Insurance Solutions takes advantage of an account of insurance protection to protect the business dangers inherent in today’s clinical techniques.

Collaborating to advance the practice of outstanding medicine.

The nation’s most preferred medical companies recognize our commitment to great quality and fund us as their selected clinical liability insurance protection business. Our dealings with these groups address recurring troubles for the market along with offering individuals substantial benefits.

In 2008, we developed The Doctors Company Foundation to maintain patient protection research studies and education and learning programs with contributions to charity. The Foundation, headed up by David B. Troxel, MD, clinical director at The Doctors Company, functions to boost the environment where medical professionals and doctors work. (http://www.thedoctors.com/TDC/about-the-doctors-company).

  1. Electrical business:

Family-Owned Values Since1980

The business Maglio Electric, LLC is owned by and also run by family, providing NJ homes and businesses with affordable, durable electrics along with solar remedies. Integrating classic workmanship with market growth, Maglio’s electrical firm offer some of the most reputable customer experiences with every instalment and repair work undertaken.

Call today on: 908.735.6218.

Background of the business

With more than 50 years of experience, Anthony Maglio, Jr. is experienced in all kinds of electrical and solar designs and setups.

Professional Organizations

Maglio Electric is a New Jersey business and is one of the most depended on specialist companies.

Licenses & Accreditations

Our electrical experts are qualified and also trained to provide outstanding professional services.


Maglio Electric offers work to individuals and company owners in New Jersey and also Pennsylvania. Search for us in your area location.


Maglio Electric is absolutely satisfied to protect Hunterdon County and the bordering areas. Join us as we share our time along with our resources with valuable charities.

Our Portfolio

As an electrical expert in NJ, we blaze a trail in electrical circuitry repairs, electrical instalments, solar energy and a lot more. Check out the jobs we have actually done. (http://www.maglioelectricllc.com/about-us/).

  1. Audit professionals:

A diligent, responsive, reliable option.

Dick Greenwood and Everett Ohlund set up Greenwood, Ohlund & Co. over 35 years ago and ever since our firm has been a well-respected company in the Ballard area as well as the greater Seattle area.

We have actually established stability for offering clients fantastic solutions including accountancy, bookkeeping, tax services and consulting services, all at budget-friendly rates.

Our organisation with devoted specialists and other staff is big enough to please clients, yet small enough to give customized, responsive solutions.

Our customers would like professional solutions executed in a prompt way. We have the capacity to achieve this by working extensively with our clients to ensure they are kept up to date.

We intend to establish and also keep long lasting company collaborations. Greenwood, Ohlund & Co. is committed to the growth and success of our consumers. With the help of an SEO professional who can specialise in larger business and small business web design, the website can have a high domain authority and be ranked very highly on the Google results pages so that the company is found by everyone online.


  1. Company Coach

Since 1997, ActionCOACH has worked with hundreds of companies to advise them throughout the globe.

ActionCOACH is a team of devoted, proactive individuals that are continually striving to be well balanced, straightforward and knowledgeable. We will definitely operate within our “14 Aspects of Culture” making sure that everyone that touches, or is touched by the ActionCOACH group, will most definitely benefit from it.

Brad Sugars is the Owner as well as Chairman of ActionCOACH, the world’s major service mentoring business with over 1,000 offices in 32 countries. Not only does he help companies … (you can find out even more at http://www.actioncoach.com/about-us/).

  1. Professional photographer

Born in Bergen, Norway in 1971, Thomas Brun initially came across photography in his father’s darkroom. Brun Senior has actually genuinely been amongst Norway’s most recognized professional photographers for a generation. Thomas’ enthusiasm for work in photography took him to Paris, to start with as a student at Parsons School of Design and later as a working expert concentrating on work in still life in addition to layout and style. He went back to Oslo in Norway where he increased his enthusiasm for fine art photography, while he maintained a foot in the design and advertising and marketing globes. (http://thomasbrun.no/).

  1. Financial Expert

We provide a considerable financial advisory service in order to help with your short, medium and long term needs with regard to financial planning needs. We are devoted to being completely independent, ultimately supplying products from the entire market.

We base our references on effectiveness, results as well as company security.

Our crucial objectives are:

– to give a comprehensive solution to our clients

– to exceed customer expectations

– to supply documentation and also recommendations in a language you recognize

– to utilize the possibility that is provided by the most modern technologies for accumulating information and communicating it where necessary

– to gain trust and respect from our customers with our professional experience together with our existing understanding of market developments.

( http://www.rbfp.co.uk/aboutus.php).

A wealth management expert in Woodford can furthermore have a remarkable internet site with performance information on savings products and investments in the stock market along with mortgage rates and personal pension plans and an exceptional “About Us” page will certainly help to promote the website and push it higher up in the Google rankings.

  1. Cleaning firm

” We Clean Residences”

In 1984, company proprietor David McKinnon brought Molly Maid cleaning over from Canada to Ann Arbor, Michigan to give busy American residences a trustworthy, cost-effective service for messy homes.

Locals that stayed in the affordable college area, which moreover had a widening modern technology market, automotive market and a variety of neighbourhood clinical centres, made the most of the brand-new solution, which swiftly took control of other areas in numerous other states.

Today – thirty years on – there are more than 450 individually owned Molly Maid cleaning organisations through the USA. In 2014, we did 1.7 million “cleans” – 90 percent of these being repeat business.

American employees are some of the most reliable in the whole globe – and have actually been for several years. Dual-income members of the family are common in addition to commutes and working weeks that are over 40 hours going into evenings as well as weekends. Children have extra studies, sports and music lessons.

Typically working with a once a week or once a fortnight regime, Molly Maid cleaning gives individuals tidy, clean homes to return to and enjoy – they are cleaned as you would absolutely like them with a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee.

In 2013, McKinnon was taken into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. McKinnon states, “I frequently inform people that Molly Maid is a simple organisation: We clean homes.” (https://www.mollymaid.com/about-us.aspx).

  1. Builders – Loft space Extensions

Marble Construction are specialists in all kinds of developments, attic room conversions in addition to home enhancements in Surrey, Hampshire as well as the bordering locations. With over fifteen years of experience in the structural profession, we could help with all sorts of redesigns from modifying garages to house repair work solutions. Trust Marble to deal with everything.

We are an experienced company that provides amazing solutions at budget friendly costs. For a free no commitment discussion with plans and options we offer, please do not hesitate to drop us an email, phone us or just complete our form and a person from our group will call you back. (https://www.marbleconstruction.co.uk/).

A builder doing loft conversions in Woodford could similarly have a company that can undertake Velux roof conversions, Dormer loft extensions or two storey extensions and a fantastic website with pictures and plans and a great “About Us” page can help to bring in new business.






  1. Letterbox Circulation together with Advertising and Marketing

Businesses in Greater Manchester are regularly searching for the most inexpensive marketing and advertising techniques to advertise their services. This is where we are available by benefiting from experience in brochure distribution in the whole of the UK.

Exactly how we began

Our company started in Manchester, starting as a small family run company and it is expanding yearly. The passion for regional organisation success was welcomed within the production and also innovation of LDM UK into the dependable company it is today.

We can produce brand-new company business for your organisation.

No matter how large or small your company is, efficient sales pamphlet styles, manufacturing, printing and leaflet circulation can have a superb influence on your organisation. We’re here in order to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. You don’t need to promote your business by other means when you can comfortably promote your solutions exactly where your potential customers are. (http://www.leafletdistributionmanchester.com/ldm-uk/).

Likewise a leaflet delivery company in North London could have the ability to create fantastic flyers for local companies and then distribute them in an agreed area to hopefully generate new business. The latest design and printing techniques can produce leaflets in a cost efficient way, thereby cutting costs for companies that use this method.