Computer and Websites.

In 1983, on sending his MD, David found an interest in computing and specifically its applications for clinical student and patient education and learning. He was part of the team at Leicester thinking about modules for the pregnancy unit. At Whipps Cross, he was the lead consultant for the group introducing the Patient Administration System; the Consultant agent for the team presenting the component for the theater. As a result of his know-how, he stood for the experts in Essex and some parts of London for the introduction of a pregnancy component.
There was reported proof from the 1960s that patients’ recall of info devolved them at appointment was poor. He set about generating a series of explanatory leaflets that were consistently updated and utilized by his consultant associates.
In 1999, he set about producing a website based on his brochures– The website came to be a leading source of online info for patients, doctors and pupils with greater than 2million site visitors each year. As an author, he investigated exactly how webpages reach the top of Google. It became apparent that the authority of the web page and site were critical. These authorities are most effectively represented by PageRank described in another of his websites. He has established a key words problem technique that openly readily available. A computerized program using this procedure, KeywordSEOPRO, is available on registration.
On retirement from medicine, David has actually used up Internet advertising and marketing.


In 1999, he started a website based on his leaflets – The website became a welcomed source of online information for patients, doctors and students with more than 2 million visitors each year. He began to research how webpages reach the top page of Google. It found that the authority of the webpage and website were the leading factors. These authorities are best represented by PageRank explained in another of his websites. He came up with a keyword difficulty technique that freely available. An automated program, KeywordSEOPro, using this technique is available on subscription.

On retirement from medicine, David has taken up Internet marketing as a paid hobby. He is webmaster for Migraine-Dyslexia – Simone’s website explaining her special interest in the treatment of Migraine and Dyslexia with patient specific colour tinted lenses. Sheryl similarly has her own website for her profession as a counsellor. A supporting website on behaviour has been provided.

David has developed several other websites. There is information on webdesign.
Internet and computers and a website of general information on education. David and Simone enjoy
Days Out Around London. He may be offering SEO courses and he enjoys reviewing SEO software. There are websites on the history of London, optics and the media, and entertainment, theatre and films. He writes articles that attract link power on subjects varying from the benefits of business networking to car detailing in Essex, from computer support Harlow to the way that NCAS functions. He particularly likes writing legal articles such as probate in Plymouth. His wife has a website that promotes coloured tinted lenses dyslexia. These can be fitted into mens designer glasses providing function and fashion.

General Education and Medical Profession.

David attended Stopsley Junior School and went to Luton Grammar School. Following the transfer to London, he moved to Hackney Downs School. His life-long ambition had been to come to be a medical professional.
David qualified from University College Hospital, London. He has actually held postgraduate exercise posts at The Royal Postgraduate Teaching Hospital, Hammersmith, The Royal London Hospital, University College Hospital, and The Leicester Royal Infirmary. He became Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with special passions in reproductive endocrinology and infertility and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the University of London. He retired from medicine in 2012.
His very early research passions focused on perinatal cerebral function tracking, and this finished in an MD from the University of London and the prominent Blair-Bell Memorial Lecture at The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

David presented the hypothesis that sub-clinical germs can offer a possible description for many obstetric and gynaecological enigmas including unusual infertility, persistent miscarriage, inefficient uterine blood loss and blood pressure troubles (preeclampsia) associated with pregnancy. Others have actually much more just recently come to a similar conclusion for preeclampsia. There may be a relationship in between miscarriage and succeeding obstetric complications.
His publications include “Frequently Asked Questions On Women’s Health” and “Practical Guide to Reproductive Medicine” which he co-edited. Although primarily a clinical obstetrician and gynaecologist, he enjoyed undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.
David Viniker was born and spent his developmental years in Luton Bedfordshire. He lives with his wife in Loughton, Essex