Why Call Answering is now a necessary marketing device


Advertising and marketing is essential to any kind of company. Without a consumer there is no company so caring for the ones you currently have in addition to gaining new ones is of crucial relevance.

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A company that distributes leaflets in London might be excellent at designing leaflets, printing pamphlets and distributing letters through letterboxes but if nobody wants any leaflets distributed, the company would have no work.

Yet there is one factor that might prevent a potential client from becoming a client which is often neglected in small businesses. The way you deal with a telephone call from a potential client can be the distinction between them utilizing your company or not.



Are you losing out on new business because of call handling?

Gaining new clients is an expensive procedure. Nowadays nearly every business will have a website and in addition to the cost of setting up that website, if you are to be found through either SEO (search engine optimization) or Pay Per Click marketing, the costs of this form of internet marketing can be very expensive. The individual who is responsible for sales or marketing in a company will generally have business cards, leaflets that have been printed or handouts to offer.

They may go to networking events and the expense of joining a networking group can be expensive, specifically when you also consider travel expenses.

The cost of Social Media should not be ignored either. Although it might not cost you anything to use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – except if you are using paid adverts – there is still the cost of your time to consider. It’s actually not difficult for the time to whizz by when you’re on social networks, without you really achieving your objectives because there are many distractions while you are on there.

You may also have adverts, employ a sales person or have signage for your company. The list is endless and very expensive.

All these things are significant, all of them contribute towards gaining a new client, they might all be costly, but they are essential for running your business. Yet having actually completed all these tasks and invested good time and money, it will be a waste if a call is left unanswered and your potential new client looks elsewhere.

If a telephone call is just left to ring or put through to voicemail, the potential client will probably not leave a message. They might call a competitor of yours instead and will probably never try to reach you again.

At this final stage it is crucial that you do not lose the potential client. You should be able to welcome your customers to your business, keep a record of their details and make sure they do not go to a competitor. How can this be done? Look at an article on expert telephone answering for more details about the most effective way to address your business telephone calls.

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If it is just not feasible for you to react to every telephone call then you could consider using a telephone answering service with a virtual assistant and most call answering companies would also be proficient in diary management. Most of the telephone answering services will certainly give you the chance to answer incoming phone calls first, and then only answer the calls that you cannot reach. This will allow you to work with flexibility, keep your costs down and enjoy days out around London whether you are visiting clients in Docklands or have business networking meetings in the City or the West End.

Do not lose out on business through something which is basic and easily affordable.