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Watford Palace Theatre

Watford Palace Theatre

Theatres all over the world are a great source of entertainment. Theatres are not the modern invention of entertainment. It is as old as the Hellenistic civilization. During the Hellenistic time period, the ancient Greek culture’s influence was at its peak. People have been watching performances and performing at theaters ever since then. There are many famous theatres in Europe and Watford Palace Theatre is one of them although the most acclaimed is La Scala in Milan.

Watford Palace Theatre started its performances in December 1908 and is located on Clarendon Road in Watford. Watford is a town in England that is a few miles northwest of Central London. The base stone for the Watford Palace Theatre was laid down on June 1908 and then after a few days, the announcement for the intention of constructing a building was made. The name of the architect was HM. Theo bald. However, the establishment only took six months to complete and in December 1908, the Watford Palace Theatre got ready to serve its purpose. The name of the brothers who took responsibility of constructing the theatre is Barker Brothers of Maidenhead.


Initially, it used to show the performances and dramas of other well-established theatres. But with time it regained its strength and started featuring many famous artists like Dan Leno, Stan Laurel, Charlie Chaplin and Little Tich to name a few. Watford Palace Theatre basically is famous for presenting a quality selection of dramas, family friendly shows and dances and a traditional pantomime every year. The theatre enjoys tremendous variety with famous orchestras, such as the London Philharmonic, dancers from Strictly Come Dancing, a Magician from Kent and great singers. Popular amongst the productions have been anything related to crime whether it is a solicitor involved in proving a client innocent to a detective story such as Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Private detectives in London make great productions for a town close to the capital.


The theatre underwent a huge renovation in September 2004. The cost of the re-development was 8.8 million pounds and took around two years to refurbish. However, after the costly refurbishment, the theatre had more space to cater for the audience, cafes and on the whole a newly improved seating plan was installed. Inside the theatre, lifts at all levels, automated moving doors and electronic ramps were initiated. Numerous quality dramas were featured during this time period. Watford Palace Theatre has been able to successfully carryout performances for over more than hundred years. The theatres run its rehearsal rooms and workshops as well as wardrobes and a variety of bars and cafes. Since its refurbishment, the theatre has successfully produced numerous quality pieces of art and classic plays and has been able to engage famous artists to perform there. Some of the productions go on to the West End Theatres including tthe Palladium. One lesser known drama told the story of a counsellor in East London.


Watford is a town in South West Hertfordshire. It is close to the M25 and M1 motorways with easy access to Barnet,, Finchley and Hendon. Watford Football Club is nearby so why not have an afternoon at the football and an evening of drama at the Watford Palace Theatre. Watford Football club is no longer in the Premier Division but supporters still hope to return and take on Tottenham Hotspurs or the Arsenal. Entertainment venues such as the Watford Palace often use flyer delivery in London services to update the local community on forthcoming events.


The Watford Palace Theatre acquired a worldwide reputation for its excellent acoustics, and throughout the second half of the twentieth century it was used for concerts and recordings by leading quality orchestras and musicians.Rising costs and falling attendance led the council to close the hall in 1994, reopening it in 1995 as the Colosseum in a joint management agreement with a commercial company. After the management company collapsed in 2004, the hall was managed by Watford Council until April 2010, when it closed to undergo a £5.5 million refurbishment; reopening in August 2011 with new management.[ The Watford Colosseum was used to record various film soundtracks, including The Lord of the Rings, The Sound of Music, Star Wars, and Sleepy Hollow; and among classical recordings, Julian Lloyd Webber’s performance of Elgar’s Cello Concerto, conducted by Yehudi Menuhin.


Facilities of the theatre are available for hire. There are legal documents to be signed and, as always, it is advisable to seek advice from expert civil ligitigation solicitors in Barnet or Watford itself. The theatre has put on many dramas including those relating to Hitchcock and Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

In 1960s, Watford Palace Theatre established the Watford civic theatre trust limited and the name of its first director was Giles Havergal. The tickets and the bookings for reservations can be made through the Box Office or people can reserve tickets online also on their website. Recently in year 2010, the theatre received acclaim for its productions of Laurence Marks and Maurice Grans, Neil Simon’s and in 2009, Charlotte Keatley’s production. The theatre also collaborated with the opera group in the production of the human comedy. Recently, the theatre has started to celebrate different occasions and cultural events with its local people like Eid, Chinese New Year, Diwali etc. The reviews of Watford Theatre’s visitors show that people really enjoy the dances, singing and performances and especially the seating plan.