Steve McQueen Actor

Steve McQueen - The Great EscapeSteve McQueen, (born March 24, 1930, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.– died Nov. 7, 1980, Juarez, Mex.), macho, laconic American film star of the 1960s and ’70s. Cool and stoical, his loner heroes talked through actions and rarely with words.

McQueen, had dyslexia and he was partially deaf as a result of a childhood ear infection, did not adjust well to his new life. His new step-father beat him so badly that at the age of nine McQueen left home to live on the streets. Within a few years he was running with a street gang and committing acts of petty crime.
McQueen drifted with tasks and 3 years of service in the marines before he started carrying out at New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse in 1952. He did occasional theater work, making his screen launching with a small role in Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956). His first starring role was in the camp horror timeless The Blob (1958), which same year he earned the lead role of a bounty hunter on the television series Wanted: Dead or Alive, which ran till 1961.
In the early 1960s, McQueen attained stardom when he appeared in 2 action movies directed by John Sturges. The first of these was the western The Magnificent Seven (1960), where he starred with Yul Brynner and Charles Bronson as protectors of a Mexican village. The 2nd action movie to improve McQueen’s image was The Great Escape (1963), in which he depicted an allied captive in a World War II German prison camp who makes a daring bike escape.

Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen), a millionaire business person and sportsperson, pulls off a best crime by having 5 guys rob $2,660,527.62 from a Boston bank and Steve McQueen - Colour Tinted Mens Designer Glassesdispose the cash in a burial ground wastebasket. Thomas never bumps into any of the five in person, before or after the crime, and they do not know each other. He retrieves the cash and deposits it anonymously at a bank in Geneva. Interestingly, he wore men’s designer glasses with blue tinted lenses; these are known to assist people with dyslexia overcome reading difficulties. Remember, McQueen in common with many famous people had dyslexia.  You can see if this might benefit you with a dyslexia test online.

Vicki Anderson (Faye Dunaway), an independent insurance private investigator, is contracted to examine the robbery and will get a percentage of the stolen money if she recuperates it. When Thomas pertains to her attention as a possible suspect, she without effort acknowledges him as the mastermind behind the robbery.

Thomas does not require the money but needs diversions. He plays polo and golf, flies a glider, and drives a dune buggy however struggles with general monotony. Vicki makes it clear to him that she knows that he is the thief and means to show it. They begin a game of pet cat and mouse, with the destination in between them noticeable, and their relationship soon progresses into an affair, complicated by Vicki’s vow to discover the cash and assistance checking out law enforcement agents Detective Eddie Malone (Paul Burke) bring the culprit to justice.

A benefit offer lures the wife of the bank robbery’s vacation motorist, Erwin Weaver (Jack Weston), to “fink” on him. Vicki discovers that a man whom he never ever saw employed him. She tries putting Erwin in the exact same room as Thomas, however there is no hint of acknowledgment on either one’s part. However, Vicki is clearly closing in on Thomas.

Thomas organizes an additional robbery exactly like the first one with various accomplices and tells Vicki where the “drop” will be, due to the fact that he has to understand for sure that she is on his side. The break-in succeeds, but there are gunshots and the viewer is entrusted the impression that people could have been gotten rid of, raising the stakes for Vicki’s decision.
Lots of more struck movies followed in the 1970s, such as The Getaway (1972), Papillon (1973), and The Towering Inferno (1974), however McQueen did little to getting as a star.

McQueen liked to know how he was doing at the box office but he knew nothing about office work – perhaps because of his dyslexia. He spent more than a little time in London but had no office cleaning in London requirements.

Kitchen cupboards - MexicanSteve McQueen liked nothing better than Mexican food and a cold beer, which fits in perfectly with McQueen’s image. He did not know how to cook so he possibly did not know where his kitchen cupboards were. I think he liked American-style food: steaks, burgers, fries, chili, nothing really fancy but good. His former manager Hilly Elkins told me he preferred Denny’s and other greasy spoons over trendy restaurants. McQueen, unlike many stars of today, avoided the spotlight outside of his work, which is very unique in today’s world of gossip and paparazzi.