How a psychiatrist can help you


A psychiatrist can be a doctor specialising in private psychiatry. If you visit a psychiatrist, your symptoms would be assessed at an initial assessment. A comprehensive case history would be prepared and a psychiatrist would provide a medical diagnosis as quickly as possible. At this point discussions can take place about treatments and this could be followed up by a treatment plan over the course of weeks or months, depending on what the issues are.

A lot of patients react well to psychotherapy but some patients that have deeper issues might need some type of medicine either in the short or the medium term. Modern drug therapy can be very helpful when prescribed appropriately.

Some patients who have issues at work may feel they need to see a psychiatrist and patients may find group therapy useful. However, an employment law solicitor may be a better person to contact depending on what the issues are at work.

Many psychiatrists can recommend relationship counselling. But there are times when a marriage has already broken down and divorce solicitors would be more appropriate. Whether you look at divorce solicitors Hendon or family lawyers Hull, either should be able to act for you in separation cases.

How to find a good psychiatrist

Very few psychiatrists would put leaflets through doors advertising their services ( door to door distribution ). It is far more common for your GP to recommend a psychiatrist to you.

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Once you have a recommendation you may well want to make some enquiries yourself. For instance, does the psychiatrist run a small business themselves or work within a large department in a hospital? If you look online you should be able to find some information. If it is a small practice, small business SEO would be very important to the practice to attract patients. Psychiatrists with a good reputation may appear near the top of the first page of google when patients are searching for private psychiatry.