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Prasterone reported to relieve agonizing intercourse

In addition to hot flashes, another unpleasant sign of the menopause hurts sexual intercourse (dyspareunia). This condition is commonly due to vulvovaginal …
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Finding relief from hot flashes

Hot flashes are an abrupt feeling of feverish heat, generally a symptom of menopause. Women who have hot flashes may experience some trouble in …
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Dr. Rhonda Nasser Launches In-Depth Dental Information Blog site

The blog site covers dental health in addition to the connection in between oral care and other subjects, such as menopause. Dr. Nasser is releasing the blog site as …
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Muffin tops and the menopause

If you are going into the menopause, your body will certainly be incredibly hesitant to let go of the fat around your middle. This is due to the fact that fat is a production …
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21 things you never ever understood about the menopause

Hot flushes and night sweats, loss of sex drive and headaches, vaginal dryness and anxiety, anxiety and sleeplessness. When you think of the menopause …
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