A healthy and happy office

Illnesses have an unfavourable consequence on efficiency in the workplace, so employers and employees should do everything they can to stay fit and healthy.

Most companies would not like to see a health employment law solicitor brought in by their employees because their working conditions are not satisfactory.

However, cold weather inevitably brings with it the yearly spell of colds and flu which can be passed on. Illnesses lead to a reduction in productivity but there are things you can do to stay healthy.

healthy workplaces

Go green:  green plants in the office take away toxins from the air and enhance the health of staff.

Increase the comfort factor by allowing staff to be in charge of their own workspace.

Ensure you drink lots of water to flush out toxins from the body.

Eat well. Fruit and vegetables are very important for your immune system to be able to fight infections.

healthy workplace

Wrap up warm – we are more susceptible to infections when we are cold. A hat, scarf and gloves with layers of clothing provide good insulation to keep you healthy.

If your job is outdoors it is even more important to wrap up warm and stay healthy. Even if you are a builder in Essex working on a loft conversion Essex has very cold winters and it is still necessary to wrap up warm. And don’t forget your eyes need protecting even in the winter time so make sure you remember to put on your Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses.

Spend time away from your desk

Encourage staff to keep fit and healthy. If your company provides membership of a local sports centre, physical exercise lowers the probability of staff becoming ill.

Web designers often spend a lot of time sitting at their desks working on a computer screen. Why not hire a web designer to design your website rather than expecting your employees to do so? Employees can then focus on what they are good at and still have time for breaks.

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A virtual assistant can also help by taking calls whilst employees are taking their much needed break away from their desk. Search online for virtual assistant London to find companies with a high domain authority that can help you.

Your company can only benefit from happy, healthy employees.