Will writing and Estate Planning

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Estate planning is a recurring process and ought to be started when you have any quantifiable assets. As you get older and your objectives change, your estate plan can also change. A lack of sufficient estate planning could cause excessive financial problems for your beneficiaries so a will should certainly be made even if your taxable estate is not that large.

Your estate covers all of your belongings — your car, your house, any savings accounts, investments, life policies, furniture and individual belongings.

You should have written instructions as to whom you wish to leave things to and what you would like them to have. Estate planning sets out a strategy of what you would like to happen when you die.

Estate planning  and will writing should not be considered to be only for “retired” people. We cannot foresee when we will die and it is therefore important to plan ahead.

Who to choose to help you with estate planning?

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There are companies that focus specifically on will writing but solicitors and family lawyers would also be able to help you.

Search online for something like will writing Devon or will writing Derbyshire to find will writing companies.

Alternatively a search for family solicitors London, family lawyer North London or family lawyer South London will bring up google lists of relevant will writing companies.

Most firms of solicitors will deal with will writing but some companies specialise in only one thing. For example employment law solicitors may only deal with employment law and not family matters. A search for employment law solicitor London would therefore probably not bring up any useful contacts.

Many will writing companies in London will generate new business from the internet. It is therefore important to keep your website up to date with a high domain authority.

Courses are available to help with web design and search engine optimisation – search for SEO London if you are a London based company to ensure your website is bringing in new business.