Essex and the surrounding countryside

essex in bloom

Long cold winters that we spend sheltering indoors could leave us all feeling weary. But when spring is upon us and flowers and trees are in bloom in Essex, it’s time to delight in the outdoors and find out how this can contribute to your better health and happiness. Forget about all those home improvement ideas you were planning like visiting kitchen showrooms and viewing loft extensions and focus on getting some exercise and fresh air outdoors.

Increase your confidence

Although any kind of workout is a terrific way to accomplish an all-natural happy high, it has been proven that it simply takes five minutes of outdoor exercise to enhance your mood … and your self-esteem. Research shows that activities such as cycling, strolling or gardening are splendidly valuable whether you live in the town or the countryside. Essex is full of character and green spaces, cycle paths and beautiful gardens, rivers and beaches.

Be kind to your eyes

Remaining inside often suggests we are very close to a laptop, a large television or piles of paper which puts unnecessary stress on your eyes and can cause trouble focussing. Even if you are wearing the very best Tom Ford glasses, take a break to rest your eyes and go outside where you can change your line of vision—look into the distance or allow your eyes to trace patterns of interest on wildlife.

Enhance your bones

In addition to boosting your spirits skin can benefit from natural sunlight and is a very good natural resource of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and is generally very useful to the body for preventing various illnesses. The amount of time it is safe to stay in the sun is different for everyone but experts recommend that having 20 % of our skin in the sun for 10 minutes before covering up or applying sun tan cream is beneficial.

Outdoor activities

essex footpath

Wherever you are living there are sure to be plenty of outdoor activities going on. If you have access to a computer, not only can you search for business networking Essex to help your business, you can also search for LifeWalks or Cycling4Health and the google first page should bring up websites of interest and the companies with the highest domain authority appear at the top.