Boost Your Brand by Turning Your WordPress Blogs into eBooks

If you have a WordPress blog site, chances are you’ve written or will write enough content to fill a book. Even if you don’t have adequate product for 200-300 pages, remember, today numerous eBooks are just 10-100 pages depending upon the function and target audience.See Original Post86 % of WordPress websites

have a significant security flaw All it takes to do major damage to 86 % of Website running WordPress 3 is to create a single comment. While numerous sites have updated to WordPress variation 4– the most present variation and exactly what I utilize– 86 % of them are still running the old version.See Original Short article Why some companies are changing their stock PHP interpreters with Facebook ' s speedier variation WordPress hosting website WP Engine has discovered that the HipHip Virtual Device carries out PHP commands some 5.6 times faster than a conventional PHP interpreter, as reported by Computerworld. And Box says it saw the average demand latency dropped by an element … See Initial Post

WordPress Updates 3.x and 4.x for Security Flaws Amongst the security updates in the 4.0.1'release are repairs for three cross-site scripting( XSS)vulnerabilities. An XSS vulnerability can potentially enable an enemy to inject malicious code in a trusted website. Passwords are always a target for aggressors … See Initial Article WordPress: Bug Might Make it possible for Compromise WordPress states users of versions 3.9.2 and earlier of its website material management software application need to patch an important cross-site scripting susceptability, which could allow anonymous users to jeopardize a site. Almost 86 percent of all WordPress … See Original Article

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